ATM Programs

ATM Programs - Your ATM. Your Way.

ATM Network offers a variety of ATM programs to meet your needs with 4 options to consider.

  •   Turnkey – we provide the ATM and the Cash
  •   Own and load – you take on responsibility for increased profit potential
  •   Placement – we own and maintain the ATM, you load the cash
  •   Cash assist – you own the ATM, we manage the cash and maintain your ATM

All of our programs provide the peace of mind of working with an industry leader. We employ the toughest security protocols to protect the ATM and cardholder data. Our economies of scale deliver low cost and high service standards. Our processing platform provides high availability and speedy transactions.

Your ATM program matters. Let the experts at ATM Network help you make the right choice.

Turnkey - We Own the ATM, We Do All the Work, You Get Paid

Let the experts at ATM Network do the work while you relax and enjoy the increased foot traffic and revenue. With our Turnkey program, we provide the equipment, operating cash with armored service, transaction processing, maintenance, and support to operate a world-class ATM program.

What makes a Turnkey program right for your business?

  •   No upfront costs – we supply the ATM gear
  •   Hands free – we handle all aspects of the ATM program
  •   Earn revenue – we share the ATM revenue based on transaction volumes

Cardtronics, the parent company of ATM Network, operates ATM programs for many of the largest retailers in the country, including 7 of the 10 largest physical retailers with ATM programs and 6 of the 10 largest convenience store chains in the U.S.

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Own and Load - Take on Responsibility, Maximize Profit Potential

The Own and Load program puts you in the driver’s seat – you take on most of the responsibility for the ATM in your store for the opportunity to maximize your profits. Purchase the ATM of your choice, just like you would purchase other equipment in your store, and stock the ATM with your cash.

What makes the Own and Load program right for you?

  •   Maximum profits
  •   Maximum flexibility – you decide what ATM, what options, and what surcharge to set
  •   Support – Our Customer Care team is available M-F 8am – 5pm CT. And, Technical support is available Monday through Friday 7am-7pm CT, and Saturday 8am – 5pm CT during normal business hours.

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Placement - We Supply the ATM. You Load Your Cash.

We’ll set you up with a brand new ATM, transaction processing, maintenance, and support to enjoy a worry-free ATM program – you just keep the ATM stocked with Cash and provide communication.

What makes a Placement program right for your business?

  •   Shared responsibility – we supply a new ATM while you supply and load the cash
  •   No upfront costs – we supply the ATM gear
  •   Near hands-free operation – we handle most aspects of the ATM program, you are only responsible for the cash to stock the ATM, power, and communications.

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Cash Assist - You Own the ATM, We Provide the Cash and Maintenance

You choose and purchase the ATM you want while ATM Network manages the cash from forecasting to Armored carrier service. We also handle all of the monitoring and dispatching needs for First- and Second-Line Maintenance of the ATM. And with our per transaction pricing program, now you can continue to grow your primary business without tying up your cash.

What makes our Cash Assist program right for you?

  •   FREE your cash – invest your cash elsewhere, not in your ATM’s safe
  •   Simple per transaction pricing – based on withdrawal volumes
  •   Scalable – more transactions means lower pricing

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