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Allpoint is the world’s largest surcharge-free ATM network and the number one driver of ATM transactions for small merchants and independent retailers. Only available through ATM Network and its parent company, Cardtronics, Allpoint is your source for the foot traffic and new retail sales that drive the true profitability of your business.

Surcharge What?

Surcharge-FREE. For many smaller retailers, the idea of including their ATM in a surcharge-free network seems counterintuitive. Won’t I lose revenue by eliminating surcharges through Allpoint? In a word: No.

In a few more words – Allpoint doesn’t remove the surcharge from your ATMs, it attracts those people who do not use your ATM today to become new customers. The fact is that only about 15-20% of people will pay a surcharge with any regularity – studies and experience have proven this out time and again, year-after-year. That means 80% or more of your potential customers simply won’t use your ATM.

Allpoint allows you to tap into that huge potential audience by providing surcharge-avoiders with what they really want, surcharge-free cash.

About Allpoint Network

Allpoint works with banks and credit unions of all sizes to provide surcharge-free cash access on select ATMs throughout the United States and select other countries. In fact, over 1,000 financial institutions are members of Allpoint representing tens of millions of cardholders. These financial institutions then direct their cardholders to participating ATMs, like the one in your store, through a series of marketing tactics:

  • In-branch signage and handouts
  • Web banners and e-banking statements
  • Physical statement stuffers and fliers
  • Mobile and web-based location tools
  • Social media campaigns
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Easy to Join, Easy to Love

Adding your ATM to Allpoint Network is simple and free – just let us know you are ready to start bringing more customers into your stores and we will get you signed up. You can always remove your ATM from Allpoint at a later date, but we think you will love the traffic driving benefits. It’s all reward without the risk. Get started today!

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